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Policies and other supporting documentation for Shentel services.



Internet Terms of Service
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Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Shentel Modem List
Open Internet Disclosure
E-Rate Services


Phone Terms of Service
Shentel Phone Customer Privacy Notice
Information for Shentel Telephone Customers
Phone Service Details for Shenandoah County Residents
Shenandoah Long Distance Service Agreement
Service Accessibility
Unwanted Calls


Television Terms of Service
Cable TV Customer Privacy Notice
Cable TV Service Details
Cable Theft
CableCARD Information
Audible Accessibility


Privacy Policy
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (PDF)
Corporate Governance Guidelines (PDF)
Equal Employment Opportunity Reports
Statement of Non-Discrimination
Maryland Tariff Information
Pennsylvania Tariff Information
811 and One Call
Line Damage