Shenandoah Telecommunications Company (“Shentel”) is a diversified telecommunications holding company that, through its operating subsidiaries, provides both regulated and unregulated telecommunications services to end-user customers and other communications providers in the southeastern United States. Shentel offers a comprehensive suite of voice, video and data telecommunications services based on the products and services provided by their three business segments.

  • Fiber Network – Shentel leverages its fiber optic network to provides fiber optic broadband services including voice and data to residential and business customers in franchise areas in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania under the Glo Fiber brand. In addition, Shentel provides enterprise level fiber network services and leases fiber optic facilities throughout its service area under the Shentel Business brand.
  • Cable Network – Shentel leverages its cable network to provide video, internet and voice services in franchise areas in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and portions of western Maryland under the Shentel brand.
  • Fixed Wireless - Shentel leverages cell site towers built on leased land to provide wireless broadband services to residential customers in areas of Virginia and West Virginia under the Beam Internet by Shentel brand.
  • Wireline – Shentel provides regulated and unregulated voice services, DSL internet access and long-distance access services throughout Shenandoah County and portions of Rockingham, Frederick, Warren and Augusta Counties, Virginia under the Shentel brand.