Unlimited Data for Internet

Add Unlimited Home Internet to Your Plan Today for $30 additional

Our Unlimited Internet plans are perfect for people working from home, large families, or heavy internet users. 

In order to protect your Internet experience, Shentel has established data allowances for our main Internet package. Exceeding the data allowances will result in additional charges of $10 per 50 GB block of usage over the allowance. The majority of all Internet customers will not be affected by these allowances. However if you are heavy Internet user, rather than struggle to fit your Internet use within those limits, you should consider our unlimited data plans for home internet.

How Does Unlimited Data Work?

Users with a greater demand for data can pay just $30 extra per month to add unlimited home Internet plans to their Shentel account. This will allow you unlimited data usage, and free you up to use all the unlimited home Internet you want without having to worry about data-related overage charges. 

If you want to sign up today, just choose an Unlimited Internet Plan when adding your new Internet service to your cart.

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