Full Speed WiFi Coverage Throughout Your Whole Home

Large houses, appliances and thick walls are no longer a problem for your WiFi signal. Wall to Wall WiFi from Shentel offers a powerful modem with enough signal extenders to cover every inch of the livable space for whole home WiFi.


Enhanced Whole Home WiFi Coverage

Wall-to-Wall WiFi

A technician will custom install a network for you and certify coverage, to give you the speed and reliability of Shentel Internet everywhere in your home. With our powerful modem and signal extenders, you no longer have to worry about large houses, thick walls, or appliances interfering with your whole home WiFi signal.

All for $14 a month for equipment and service enhancements.

  • Extend your WiFi signal
  • Enhanced control over your network
  • Surf, stream and download in every room
  • Available with any speed

Wall-to-Wall WiFi

Complete Control of Your WiFi Network

You will be able to see who is connected, set scheduled internet breaks, and limit access to your WiFi network through the eero app.


Enjoy uninterrupted and full-speed Internet coverage throughout every corner of your home with Wall to Wall WiFi from Shentel!

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