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Tech Home Provided by Shentel

Technology was supposed to be easy. Rocket cars, personal jetpacks and computers that did all the work for you... So what happened?

Well, somehow we got partway there. You have hundreds of products that make your life easier... but making everything work together required a computer science degree.

But now there is an answer for the rest of us! Tech Home is Technology Made Easy for you and your home. Tech Home is a complete home technology solution that makes it easy to setup, use, protect, and enjoy your networked devices... anytime, anywhere. With Protect and Support packages, you will be back in charge of your digital life, with the level of support you need at the price you want.

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What is Tech Home?

Protection for today's life. At home & on the go.

Shentel is always looking for ways to help protect our customer's privacy and data as they use our Internet service. That's why we are proud to provide this exceptional service to you!

Tech Home is a complete technology solution for your online safety. It's easy to set-up, use, connect, protect, service, and enjoy on your networked devices... anytime, anywhere. The best part is, it's FREE with all Internet plans!

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Protect Plan

World-Class Security - Fully-supported web security and antivirus protects you against the latest online threats with find, locate, lock and wipe for your phone or tablet.

Personal Data Backup - Sync and back up all of your files, photos, contacts and important information against damage or device failure.

Keep Personal Info Private - Cloud-based protection keeps your personal information secure and convenient wherever you are.

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Features of the Protect Plan
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This product is FREE to select Shentel internet customers. If you are eligible, you should have received a separate notification with an activation code. If you did not receive a code, or if you wish to upgrade this product, please call 1-800-SHENTEL today.

Please have your activation code handy and when you are ready, click the button below to activate your plan.