Phone Service Details for Shenandoah County, VA Residents

When transferring existing service, please call your service representative at 984-5224 or come to our business office at 106 S. Main St., Edinburg.

It would help to have the following information available:

  • Complete street address and billing address.
  • How the phone is to be listed in the directory.
  • Location where jacks are to be installed.
  • Inside Wiring Maintenance Plan.
  • Type of telephone service.
  • Long distance carrier.
  • Calling features desired.
  • Employment status and Social Security number.
  • Information about your previous telephone service.

Orders for service are generally completed within one to three business days from the date of request. Special service requests may take longer to complete, depending upon the type of request and the availability of facilities in the location where service is requested.

To Disconnect Service

Call a service representative at 984-5224 prior to removal. However, charges can be stopped on the day you call if requested before 3 p.m. Shenandoah Telephone Company residential and business customers, who discontinue phone service, have three options to return rented phones:

  1. Rented phones can be returned to the Business Office in Edinburg, New Market True Value Hardware in New Market, or the Community Store in Basye.
  2. You can request that the Company pick up your telephones. There is a charge for pick-up. Call 984-5224 for more information.
  3. You can retain the telephones and pay a charge for each rented instrument retained. Prices vary, depending upon style and age of the phone. The instruments retained become the property of the customer.

If you select Option 1, unplug your phones if you have jacks or plugs. For phones wired into the old style wall block, disconnect the phone wires at the block with an insulated screwdriver or cut the wires near the block with insulated wire pliers and return the phones. Be sure the wires are not electrical wires running into household current. Charges for Option 2 or 3 will be placed on your final bill.

Lease Your Telephone
You may lease a telephone from Shentel by contacting a customer service representative at 984-5224. Leased telephones will be maintained for you by Shenandoah Telephone Company.

Customer-Provided Equipment
Customer-provided equipment is any equipment, apparatus, device, or system that is owned by the customer.

Equipment provided by a customer may be used with the Company's facilities if such use complies with the Company's tariff. The tariff is designed in the interest of good telephone service and to prevent hazards to customers and employees.

Any items used with the Company's facilities or equipment in violation of the Company's tariff may lead to the removal of the equipment, apparatus, device, or system or in the suspension of the customer's telephone service.

A per visit maintenance charge will apply when a visit is required to a customer's premises to service a difficulty that has been caused by the customer-provided equipment.

Service Connection Charges
One-time service fees are applicable to installation and changes in service. These charges vary based on the type of service and features you select. For additional information contact a customer service representative by dialing 984-5224.

Minimum Contract Period
The minimum contract period for regular telephone service is six months. If the customer requests disconnection of service before the six-month period is complete, the customer will be charged for six months of service.

The minimum contract period for temporary service is one month. If the customer requests disconnection of service before one month is complete, the customer will be charged for one month of service. The rate of temporary service is 200% of the regular rate.

Governmental Taxes, Surcharges, and Fees
Shenandoah Telephone Company collects certain taxes, surcharges, and fees on behalf of governmental agencies.

Access Charges
The Federal Communications Commission implemented access charges which permit the nation's local telephone companies to recover the cost of facilities connecting homes and businesses with the telephone company's network. Charges will be higher for multi-line business customers. Customers having more than a single business line at a particular location or one business line at several locations within Shenandoah Telephone Company's serving area, or any combination of business lines, PBX trunks, or semi-public business coin lines, are considered multi-line business customers.

Virginia Universal Service Plan
The State Corporation Commission's Virginia Universal Service Plan is a state-wide effort to make phone service available to low-income households. The plan covers only local residential service. Long distance and telephone equipment prices are not affected.

Virginia Relay Center
The Virginia Relay Center is a service that allows 24-hour telephone communications between deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech-impaired individuals. All calls are billed as though they are regular telephone calls - at local telephone company or AT&T rates. There are no extra charges.

The Virginia Relay Center service is easy to use. Specially trained communications assistants at the center relay messages between deaf, hard-of-hearing, or speech-impaired people and people who can hear. The center relays each conversation in the strictest confidence. No record of the call is kept.

To access the Virginia Relay Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week, dial 711 or 1-800-828-1120 for TTY users and 1-800-828-1140 for voice users.