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How to Choose the Best Premium Channel Package


Plenty of people say we’re in the Golden Age of TV – and they might be right! There are almost too many stellar TV shows and movies to count across every imaginable genre. If you want to keep up with the latest episodes of your favorite streaming content, you need premium TV channels delivered to your home.

But you can’t find every premium channel on every streaming service or app. If you’re having trouble picking the best premium channel package for your family, read on.


What are premium channels?


Technically, premium channels can mean two different things:

  • A commercial-free television channel that you click to with your TV remote (think HBO)
  • A dedicated streaming app with access to all of a premium TV brand's on-demand content (think "Max," HBO's streaming app)

In either case, premium channels offer some of the best TV and movies available for streaming, either without commercials by default or without commercials if you pay for an upgraded plan. TV providers like Shentel offer premium TV channels for their subscription plans, so you can choose when you want access to the best TV shows and movies on the air.


The “Big Six” premium channels


In the premium TV arena, there are six big channels or studios you can choose from. Each premium channel has its own selection of top-notch content and entertainment offerings. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Max, the streaming app for HBO and its original content. Popular movies and shows include Sesame Street and Shazam: Fury of the Gods.
  • Paramount+ with SHOWTIME, the streaming app for Paramount-produced or owned projects and SHOWTIME shows, like Star Trek and The Comedy Store.
  • STARZ, both an app and a channel. STARZ is home to popular media like Outlander and Power.
  • CINEMAX, a sister channel to Max that mostly focuses on movies, though it does have a few series. Its most popular offerings include Anna and Outcast.
  • The Move Channel (TMC), which is technically under Paramount+. TMC has plenty of older movies and family-friendly entertainment, like Batman & Robin or Apollo 13.
  • MGM+, the newest of the premium TV channels. It offers original content and a variety of movies, like The Avengers and Creed II.


Are premium TV channels worth it?


Many families that enjoy watching the best movies and TV shows on demand think premium TV channels are worth it. Combined with the right TV service and subscription plan, you can even enjoy the most popular shows and movies without any commercial interruptions!

Premium TV channels can be worth it if you plan to use them frequently, especially if you don’t go to the movies very often. However, it’s important to pick the right premium channel package for your family since the kind of content each includes can be very different from the others.


Choosing the best premium channel packages


There are a few ways you can compare premium channel packages to make sure you get the best deal for your home.


Check a package’s channel lineup


First and most importantly, be sure to check a given channel package’s lineup or channel collections before subscribing. Different channel packages or apps have different channels, movies, shows, and other content to enjoy.

For example, HBO is well known for its original series and quality family content, such as cartoons and educational programs. If you want movies on premium channels, HBO might be the best option. On the other hand, Paramount+ with SHOWTIME is the app to beat in terms of sports channels.

If you’re looking for cable TV with premium channels, remember to investigate which premium channels are included in that cable TV subscription. There’s no sense paying extra for a premium channel if it’s bundled into your cable service already!


Think about type of service


The type of premium channel service you choose can also affect what’s the best decision for your home.

All the premium channels offer subscriptions for streaming devices. So, if you’re not looking for a complete cable package but just want access to one app’s content, you can subscribe solely to that app without any other strings attached.

On the other hand, a full cable or satellite TV provider might include both premium channels plus a plethora of other TV channels. That way, you’ll have potentially dozens of different channels or media options to think about when you settle down for a relaxing night on the couch with your family.

That’s one great reason to think about switching to Shentel. Not only do we offer a massive collection of the best premium movies and shows, but we also allow you to bundle and save when you combine Internet with TV, home phone, or both.


Consider price and bundle offers


Naturally, price can affect whether one premium channel or another is right for you!

Most of the premium streaming channels are similarly priced, although prices can vary and change over time. Furthermore, the price of a premium channel when it’s bundled with a TV subscription is usually different compared to its price by itself. For example, MGM+ is $6.99 per month at the time of this writing, but it might be a little more or less as part of a cable TV bundle.

Bundles themselves are also worth thinking about before signing up for a premium channel package. For instance, if you can sign up for cable TV with premium channels, but also get Internet, home phone, and other telecommunications offerings for discounted rates, it might be a good idea to do so. You'll receive access to all these things at once, saving money and making setup much easier.


Get premium TV with Shentel


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