Hurricane Sandy Updates

Posted 2 November 2012 12:00 AM by Shentel

Hurricane Sandy is a large storm with the strength to cause widespread outages throughout our service area.  The storm will bring high winds, heavy rains and snow to the higher elevations.  We are not experiencing any storm related outages at this time.  As high winds come into our service area toppling trees and downing lines, outages will occur.  We will be posting updates to the status of outages and our network repairs on this page.

Shentel began our storm preparations for Hurricane Sandy on Friday. We have prepared backup generators and other supplies at our facilities. We are coordinating with power, gas, other utility companies and emergency workers.  We are rescheduling routine installations in all of our markets to make sure we have the necessary equipment and personnel in place to address issues as they occur. Crews are on alert are are ready to begin any repairs when conditions are safe to do so.

We hope you and your family stay safe during and after the storm.

Update @ 8:44PM 10/29: 

We have lost power in parts of Shenandoah County. We are currently running on battery backup. Full service should be restored with power. 

Update @ 8:54PM 10/29:

We have lost power in North Fork and Webster Springs in West Virginia and Oakland in Maryland. We are currently running on battery backup. Full service should be restored with power. 

Update @ 10:31PM 10/29:

We have lost power in Summersville, WV. We are currently running on battery backup. Full service should resume with power. 

Update @ 8:58AM 10/30:

Our Oakland, Summersville and Welch stores will be closed today due to lack of power. Please call 1-800-SHENTEL for questions or issues. 

Update @ 9:18AM 10/30:

Our batteries have been depleted in the Summersville market. A generator is enroute to provide power until commercial power is restored.

Update @ 9:32AM 10/30:

Power has been restored to half of our cable network in Shenandoah County. We anticipate power to be restored to the remainder today.

Update @ 2:55PM 10/30:

We have massive cable damage due to the snow storm and falling trees in Fayette, Nicholas and Webster counties in West Virginia.  Services will be restored temporarily when power resumes. We will then need to take services back offline to do repairs on the infrastructure. Service could be out for several days in some areas as our crews work to repair broken coaxial cable and fiber lines. 

Update @ 4:20PM 10/31:

We had a major fiber cut between Camden-on-Gauley and Richwood.  This impacts those communities and Craigsville.  The power company has to set a new power pole before we can re-install the fiber.  Current estimated time to repair is Friday 11/2.

We are awaiting power to be restored in Franklin County, WV.  Once power resumes all services should be restored.

 Update @ 4:58PM 11/2:

We are still awaiting the power utility to reset the downed poles east of Craigsville on Rte. 20, before we can restore service to Richwood, Cowen, Webster Springs and Fenwick. Still no ETA at this time.