Information for Shentel Telephone Customers


Directories are furnished to you to facilitate the use of telephone service. The primary purpose of this directory is to furnish a means of obtaining telephone numbers of subscribers in this area.

Addresses are included in the listing to assist in identifying subscribers. It is not intended that this directory be used as a mailing guide. The directory is copyrighted and reproduction of any portion without permission is prohibited.

Upon receipt of a new directory, please discard your old directory. The use of an out-of-date directory interferes with good telephone service, since each issue contains numerous telephone number changes as well as address changes.

We use every effort to make the directory as accurate as possible, but Shenandoah Telephone Company assumes no liability whatsoever for charges arising from errors or omissions. If you are aware of an error or problem, please contact a customer service representative by dialing 984-5224.

Outdated directories will be collected during a limited time period corresponding to the distribution of the new directories. Watch your local newspaper for dates and locations.

Employee ID
For your protection, every Shenandoah Telephone Company employee who visits a customer's home carries an official identification card that includes the employee's name and photograph. If you have a question or doubt about a person who claims to be representing Shenandoah Telephone Company, ask to see the person's identification card.

Use of Phone During An Electrical Storm
You should avoid using a telephone during an electrical storm in your area. There is a remote risk of a dangerous electrical shock from lightning when using the telephone during an electrical storm. Lightning may also produce a very loud sound in the telephone receiver which may be harmful to the human ear.

Use of Residence Telephones for Business Purposes
Residence telephones are installed with the understanding that they will be used for normal, social or domestic purposes. A residence telephone will be changed to business service if used primarily or substantially for business purposes, if the residence telephone number is advertised in connection with the sale of products or services, or if the subscriber has no business service elsewhere within our system.

Communication services furnished by Shenandoah Telephone Company are public utility services which are offered subject to the rules, regulations and charges set forth in our tariff. In the event of a conflict between our tariff and the information contained in this directory, the tariff shall prevail. Shenandoah Telephone Company's tariff is subject to change and is available for inspection at our Business Office during regular hours.

Ownership of Telephone Numbers
The ownership of all telephone numbers is vested in the telephone company and the telephone company reserves the right to change the telephone number or numbers of the customer's telephone station(s), or the central office name associated with such number or numbers, or both, as the operation of the business may require.

Unlisted telephone numbers provide the exclusion from telephone directories and Directory Assistance. The customer's name will still be listed with an unlisted designation.

Customers who have non-published phone numbers give up their right to anonymity when they dial the 911 emergency service number. All telephone numbers are identified to the 911 dispatcher.