We heard you

No more data caps!

We have removed all data caps from Shentel Internet plans in Shenandoah County areas as well as parts of Frederick, Rockingham and Augusta counties.

Shentel initially launched data caps to help maintain the network so that the actions of extreme users did not impact the experience for everyone else. This impacted only about 4% of our customers at the time. Today, customers use the Internet more than ever before for everything from taking classes to watching movies and more people started hitting the data allowance ceiling. We have made significant improvements to the local network and we feel confident we can meet the needs of our customers.

This change goes into effect on July 1. Nothing changes about current Internet rates; you simply no longer need to worry about how much data you use!

The Acceptable Use Policy will still be enforced for Internet users whose extreme data use impacts network performance.

If you have DSL and live within the cable service footprint, but have been holding out on switching to a faster cable Internet speed due to data allowances, now is the time to migrate! No more data allowances means there is no reason not to make the switch to speeds faster than you've ever had before.

Removal of data allowance charges: This change applies to current and new subs receiving Internet service from Shentel in Shenandoah County, Star Tannery, Bergton, Churchville and Mount Solon, VA only. Customer is responsible for any charges incurred prior to July 1. Acceptable Use Policy will still be enforced for all Internet subs. Click here for full policy. Subject to eligibility guidelines and other restrictions apply.