Residential Shentel data allowances

In order to protect your Internet experience, Shentel has established data allowances for each Internet package. The vast majority of all Internet customers will not be affected by these allowances. Customers should consider modifying usage, upgrading to a higher level of Shentel Internet service or purchasing our Unlimited Data option if Internet usage exceeds these allowances. Exceeding these data allowances will result in additional charges of $10 per 50GB block of usage over the allowance.

Internet package Data allowance
3Mbps 200GB
5Mbps 250GB
10Mbps 300GB
25Mbps 400GB
50Mbps 500GB
101Mbps 750GB
150Mbps 1TB

If new customers would like to purchase Unlimited Data, add any Internet package to the shopping cart and select Unlimited Data during checkout. Existing customers may purchase Unlimited Data by calling 1-800-SHENTEL.

Shentel only monitors data usage; we do not monitor content as that would be a violation of the Shentel privacy policy. Internet usage includes bandwidth consumed by internet and voice services. Customers may view their current and past Internet usage by logging in to and clicking the link on the left side of the page.